'Living Systems' by John Schumacher

  • 'Living Systems' by John Schumacher

John Schumacher
Living systems - self organisation
Acrylic on board
47cm x 57cm

'For these geometrical works I am wanting to convey a movement in a general sense. Drawing on various links such as clusters, patterns and structures to suggest internal forces that move things along as with an expanding system.'

'Clusters like soap bubbles, as with organic matter, when compacted define the overall shape of the individual components.'

'I did not want a specific shape to a structure, but to be open, so that the work generates a response from the viewer. Similar to how they respond in the natural world, i.e. the way river deltas flow in brackets or branches that extend from trees. These would be two examples of different patterns in nature.'

John Schumacher is an award winning artist based in Taranaki. His works are a continuing reflection on structures and patterns, natural and man-made. John has been working with painting, photography, sculpture and framing for over 45 years.