LUMEN Studios & Gallery was founded in 2019. LUMEN is an artist-run space based at the old Cheese Factory in Tataraimaka, Taranaki. Resident artists include Teresa Goodin (Artist & Alchemist) and Alice Cowdrey (Felter & Maker). LUMEN hosts showcasing artists and makers from the Taranaki region.


Exhibition by Jacob Milne

‘U’ stands for Utopia and Unity.

Jacob’s exhibition ‘U’ tells the story of mythological and alternative worlds expressed through a series of lithographs and drawings.
‘U’ canvases the progression of his work, documenting the creation of interconnected imagery. Jacob’s works tell stories of how different worlds rely on the support of mythical guardians called Utopian Defenders who are a hybrid elephant/dragon mix - representing strength and wisdom. One of the worlds these defenders protect is The Carrier of the People.

The Carrier of The People is based on an image of a red panda who wanders through an infinite plane carrying houses. Inside the homes are artists who do not realise what is in the outside world. Jacob’s more recent work evolves this narrative into further expanded mythological worlds. Jacob has used pen and ink to render the Carrier of the People but has also created a series of lithographs, silk screen prints and a bronze sculpture based on the work.

Jacob works in a range of mediums including bronze sculpting, screen printing, lithography, watercolour, acrylic and oil painting and printmaking. Jacob was born in Christchurch but moved to Auckland to attend Takapuna Grammar School. Recently he moved to Taranaki while continuing a Master’s program through the Elam School of Fine Art.

View 'U' exhibition here