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Deborah Jardine
Acrylic on board
220mm x 220mm

'Sending Love' by Deborah Jardine.

'These paintings are a reflection on the sea and sky-scapes that surround us and the white surf that endlessly pounds the shoreline of my world - an island in a vast ocean on an island in a vast universe. At times seemingly painted in by the gods.'

'Senses awakened by
the galaxy of golden stars dancing playfully across crashing waves
delighting in the last rays of a setting sun
the gentle brush of a summer breeze
the heavy scent of salted air
the sense of oneness
a connection to the mystery that spawned myth and legend since we began
I embrace them all, these sensations,
translating them in dreams and painting to express my wonder.'

Deborah Jardine is a decorative artist with a love of traditional design and techniques. A Visual Arts Degree led to work in Interior Design creating bespoke designs for walls in homes and commercial buildings around the country. She then took the opportunity to expand on her degree with a post-grad diploma in French Decorative Art in Paris and the following year to study Chinoiserie at Stocksfield Hall in England. Living in Paris and studying art was the realisation of a long-held dream and provided invaluable skills tutored by Master Decorative Painter Jean Sablé.


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